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Oh. My god. You guys. You guys. I am... For life... Traumatized... I am traumatized for life.

D8 D8 D8

Cat acne. It is a thing. I didn't realize that it was a thing until a week or so ago. But now I am so very, very aware that is is a thing.



Has that sunk in yet? Take a moment to visualize. Got it? Okay.

My cat had an enormous -- no, I mean enormous -- zit on his chin. Note I say "had." Past tense.

It must have been itchy. It certainly looked itchy. It must have felt like it looked. Because my cat came up and rubbed his chin on my nose.

And the zit... The zit. It... went...


On. My. Face.

It... It... Like... The insides of a tomato. A very ripe tomato.


...I have no emoticon to convey the actual levels of horror.

Traumatized. For. Life.

(I know. My first actual post in however long, and it's this?! Well, that's how traumatized I am!! This entry really does need a much longer introductory post about the zitty kitty, which I've been meaning to make, but... For now, you get just the acne. In much less vivid detail than I got it in. Consider yourselves fortunate.)

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Date: 2016-04-02 07:50 pm (UTC)
venturous: (purple cat)
From: [personal profile] venturous
I am dying of mirth here. sorry, Gray!! you write so funny!!

poor kitty and poor human. yeah, cat CHIN acne in particular.... but I never had one get that big and juicy! It seems their little chins never get cleaned , unlike the rest of their well groomed self. My Junipur had that, and we did a routine cleaning regime that prevented it after the initial grossness. Vet put her on Clavamox antibiotic to clear up the first case of it.

So sorry you have had this lovely veterinary expereince. Had to deal with impacted dog anal glands yet? that's a tasty one!

PS, on a more serious note, in older kitties abcesses on the head can become very serious, and cats often don't complain until things are REALLY BAD, so keep an eye out.

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