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And believe me, squees are a much-needed thing right now.

First and foremost: Kinky Kristmas 2016 underway!!! We're got five fab pieces posted so far with lots more great stuff on the way. Hie theyself over to [info]daily_deviant to get in on (or at least read/look at) the awesome action!

Which leads me to the second thing: My own gift at Kinky Kristmas has been posted, and it is perfection!

The Fine Line Between Love and Hate
Snape/Sirius, Marauders Era, VERY NWS ART

Seriously, the artist hit so damn many of my bulletproof loves and kinks right on the head. I'd asked for rough sex/turning-each-other-black-and-blue-as-foreplay, and I most definitely got it. But in spite of that, there's an overwhelming tenderness about the piece. Teenaged Snape/Sirius rough sex that isn't at all non-con -- which is entirely too rare in my opinion. ;)

...And while you're over there, do browse through the other great stuff that's been posted -- and keep going back for more!

And thing the third: I've been completely out of the loop, so I only just stumbled upon the fact that [personal profile] lokifan has been (or was, given that it's almost three weeks old now...) a '2016 Sucks!' Multifandom Love Meme. Apparently a few people actually remember who the hell I am! LOL Much love to you folks. ♥ ♥ ♥ Even though I'm late to the party, I need to get over there and shower some adoration on a lot of awesome people. Y'all should do the same, if you haven't already. It's never too late to squee all over somebody, right?? ;D

Side note: If you don't like love memes? Go complain somewhere else. :P I hosted one once -- anonymously -- and got lambasted by people on my own flist who had no idea that I was the one running it. Pretty uncool. In spite of that, I'm still of the opinion that spreading love and admiration is a positive thing. So there you go. :P
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