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What does one do with a heap of BL/yaoi manga that one wants to get rid of but which isn't worth the time and effort to sell?

Somehow this doesn't seem like the sort of thing I should just leave on the "free stuff" table in the laundry room. *snerk*

O wise f-list, I humbly await your useful/brilliant/facetious/hilarious/totally unhelpful answers!
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First, THANK YOU to all the people who thought of me with the huge influx of chocolate and kisses on my userinfo page! I swear, it's like some sort of pervy women's Valentine's Day around here! Or maybe you all just knew that I needed some braaaaaaaiiiiiiiinssss... ?

Now, on to the actual question:

When you're writing a story in past tense and then need to diverge into some prior events to provide some backstory, you switch to past perfect. Okay. But if you're writing a story in present tense and then need to talk about prior events... what tense do you use then? Simple past or past perfect? Enlightening me, O Grammar Gurus!

Also for the U.S. people with pets: If anyone is interested in ordering pet food, treats, toys, supplies, etc. from PetFoodDirect, I have a 17% discount that's good for the next four days that you're welcome to use. The discount will likely cover the shipping costs, and the site has a great selection, good prices, and nice sales. And hey, you don't have to lug around big bags of food and kitty litter!
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Aaaaaauuughhh, you all! What the heck does one put on a heat rash?? Either to heal it or just to stop the OMG!itching?! I suffer through this every. Damned. Summer! Argh!

Completely unrelated: Here's some amusement for the baseball fans. I got a few giggles out of these Inglorious Moments in Baseball. How many of them do you remember watching at the time? I saw four of them "live" (on-TV-live, that is) -- which isn't bad, given that there are only eleven, and one was before I was born and another I'd have been too young to remember!

::goes back to getting shit done... and scratching::

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