Nov. 9th, 2016 05:51 pm
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I discovered this morning that my fears were valid -- that my mother is, in fact, pleased with the outcome of this election. After a brief but rage-inducing exchange, I told her that she is no longer the intelligent, open-minded woman who raised me and that I have nothing further to say to her, possibly ever.

If I'm not willing to accept casual support of misogyny, racism, xenophobia, bigotry, and dangerous ignorance from my own mother, I'm certainly not going to accept it from anyone else.

I've been pretty forgiving of differing views and opposing political alignments in the past, but this is something else entirely. I doubt that any of you on my f-list are Trump supporters, but if you are, kindly remove yourselves posthaste. As a like-minded person succinctly put it, "We are not friends."

...On the other hand, if any of you are aware of any legitimate protest movements to make this Not Happen, at least not without an enormous fight, pass me some links.
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Apparently I spoke too soon an hour ago when I said I had a job.

I just got this email from the store owner (the one I interviewed with this morning):

Thank you for speaking with me today.

It turns out that I have two people already scheduled to train this coming week.

I'm sorry but I have to try them out first.

Anything can happen......

Best of luck in your search. I will be in touch at the end of next week if I have available training shifts for the following week.



I have no words that don't break several obscenity laws in every country.

[insert very creative and colorful string of language here]


Note that I'm still taking orders for handmade braclets at a special price for my f-list.
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Okay. So the news has been riddled lately with stories about how some people might have found the real Atlantis near the coast in Spain.

No, they didn't.

And because I'm sick and tired of seeing these "science" programs and articles taking everyone for a ride, I'm going to tell you all why not.

Fair warning: My tone here is pretty snarky and brutal. I want to make it clear that it's NOT because I think my f-list is full of idiots. It's because I'm pissed off at the state of my academic discipline these days.

That said, click for my rant:

On Why an Asshat Didn't Find Atlantis )

Dear my academic discipline,

Kindly either pull your head out of your collective ass or go bury yourself in your own poorly-dug trenches.

Wavering Love,


P.S. - I'm leaving you. You can keep the kids.

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