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Long time no post… again. It's the typical story, isn't it? Any time you have lots and lots of things to write about, you're too busy to actually write any of them! Actually, I should be doing other things right now, but I've been itching to post lately, so I'm going to take a break long enough to write up at least a brief update.

I suppose the big, unfortunate news is that I ended up not going to MISTI-Con. The fact that half the people I wanted to see had to back out of going for one reason or another combined with the apparent low number of fandom folks attending and the overall lack of interest in meet-ups/parties/etc. led to my decision to bail. I know, I know; lame! But it just ain't a CON without the awesome people and the wacky get-togethers, see. So, in the end I decided that, if I'm going to spend a wad of cash I don't have, it's probably better to spend it on an eye exam/contacts/glasses and (a lot of) dental work. (Hmm, go to a con or have teeth? Go to a con or have teeth? Tough choice, but…)

Those of you who went, I hope you had loads of fun together! If you wrote wrap-up posts or put up pictures, please link me to them! And I'll try to get us all together sometime in the summer. ♥

As for what I have been doing (as opposed to what I haven't been, heh)…

Well, mostly I've been working a lot. I cut back my work hours a bit some time back, but my job is still kicking the crap out of me. It's been busy for the last three months or so (ever since the post-holiday lull ended), which means I'm making great money, but which also means it's leaving me exhausted. On the days that I work, that's all I do -- work, eat, and sleep. It's a, er, less than ideal arrangement, but I need the money. And it's temporary, dammit!

When I'm not working, I'm up to my eyeballs in bones. Well, pictures of bones. I was up to my eyeballs in the bones themselves a couple of years back; now I'm slogging my way through all of my half-assed notes and photos.

For those who don't know or don't remember, I'm working on some aspects of the pathology of a skeletal collection that was excavated from a medieval cemetery in central Italy. Right now, I'm trying (trying!!) to put together a general spreadsheet of all of my observations/all of the pathologies from my preliminary study of the bones. It would be a whole lot easier if every single one of these people didn't have to have something different wrong with them! I swear, by the time I reach the end of this, I'm going to be a freakin' expert in every kind of skeletal pathology there is!!

::tears out hair in frustration::


I actually have found some really cool stuff, though. If you consider icky injuries and diseases that affect the skeleton to be "cool". I've considered posting about some of it… Would any of you out there be interested in reading about some of what I'm doing? Or seeing photos?

Anyway. Yeah, life still has me pretty much MIA from LJ/IJ/fandom-land, unfortunately. I think about you all and wonder what you're up to all the time. If anything has happened in your lives that you feel like telling me about, comment or link me to your posts. I miss you guys and want to know how you're doing!

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