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Oh. My god. You guys. You guys. I am... For life... Traumatized... I am traumatized for life.

D8 D8 D8

Cat acne. It is a thing. I didn't realize that it was a thing until a week or so ago. But now I am so very, very aware that is is a thing.



Has that sunk in yet? Take a moment to visualize. Got it? Okay.

My cat had an enormous -- no, I mean enormous -- zit on his chin. Note I say "had." Past tense.

It must have been itchy. It certainly looked itchy. It must have felt like it looked. Because my cat came up and rubbed his chin on my nose.

And the zit... The zit. It... went...


On. My. Face.

It... It... Like... The insides of a tomato. A very ripe tomato.


...I have no emoticon to convey the actual levels of horror.

Traumatized. For. Life.

(I know. My first actual post in however long, and it's this?! Well, that's how traumatized I am!! This entry really does need a much longer introductory post about the zitty kitty, which I've been meaning to make, but... For now, you get just the acne. In much less vivid detail than I got it in. Consider yourselves fortunate.)
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I've been intending to get some new pictures of Pansy and post them for ages. Since my f-list is sort of her collective godparent and all, I figure you deserve to see how she's doing. Sorry that these are so long overdue!

If anyone missed them and/or wants to compare, pics of her at about four months and seven months old are here and here.

Anyway, here she is in all her grown up, picky princess-y glory:

Click for Fuzzies )

And that's that! I'll try not to go four years without posting more. *facepalm*
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Apparently Percocet gives me some seriously weird dreams.

Night before last I dreamed that Ari (my dog) made up a song about Pansy (the cat) and then wouldn't stop prancing around the apartment singing it.

It really loses something without the tune, but I can at least supply you with the lyrics:

Cute, cute, cute-the-cute,
Cute, cute, cute-the-cute,
Cute, cute, cute-the-cute,
Pansy is cute!

Mouse, mouse, mouse-the-mouse,
Mouse, mouse, mouse-the-mouse,
Mouse, mouse, mouse-the-mouse,
Pansy likes mouse!

Wash, rinse, repeat ad nauseum...

Yeah, hi, I still have SHINGLES.
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One of my cats who's currently with my mom in Oklahoma -- Indy -- has been very sick again. She's on the mend now, but she could really use some good healing thoughts/energy/vibes/mojo/whatever-ya-got to give her a final push to finish getting well.

Thanks, all! The power of fandom folks is not to be underestimated!
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All new and exciting adventures with pets!:

The cat barfed on the dog.


May. 30th, 2013 12:43 am
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You guys.

I've taught my cat to "sit".


That is all.

(Oh, and I have a bones post in progress for those of you who were interested...)
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A somewhat abbreviated Pansy update with some new photos (along with some Ari thrown in for good measure)...

Pansy was spayed a couple of weeks back. (And huge, huge thanks again to [personal profile] drinkingcocoa for her assistance!) She was remarkably chill about the whole experience. Didn't make a peep in the carrier or car, and when I picked her up in the evening, she was just hanging out in her carrier among the many, many just-spayed-or-neutered cats in carriers. (One of said cats was very angry and wanted everyone to know it, b'god. He was rattling his cage and taking swipes at anyone who came near. LOL)

The vet's instructions: Feed her half what she normally eats that night and restrict her to light activity for seven to ten days. My response: AHAHAHAHAHA, RIGHT!

The first thing Pansy did when we got home was eat all the food I gave her, then go eat most of the roommate's cat's food, then go eat some of Ari's. After that, she proceeded to spend the next two hours gleefully batting her mousie around the apartment. (Honestly, how is one supposed to restrict a kitten's activity without the use of strong sedatives and/or duct tape?!)

I kept a close eye on her incision site, but she healed up jut fine. She clearly wasn't bothered by the experience at all. She was so unbothered, as a matter of fact, that she was voluntarily playing inside the cat carrier the day after her surgery. ::shakes head:: Either she shares some characteristics with simple dog, or she figures she has loads of lives left.

Oh, and at the time of her spaying (at just under six months old), she was 6.4 pounds. :)

Anyway, the long-awaited new pics:

Princess Pansy poses for her admirers (and she's not terribly shy about her shaved belly!):

Bow to the Princess

A few more under here )
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Pansy is using Ari's foot as a pillow!

So cute it's painful.


...As you were.
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Apologies for my continued near-absence. All of my time lately, when not spent wrangling toddlers pets, has gone toward making money or trying to make money.

That's involved a couple of trips out to Bryn Mawr to take care of various things. Last Tuesday I went out because it was the first day of the lecture portion of the class for which I'm teaching the labs and the profs wanted to introduce me to the students. Which I was on campus, I dealt with some employment paperwork, got my ID card, and set up my email account. Then I went out again on Thursday to meet with my bosses to discuss preparations for the labs.

The only problem now is that I can't get into my Bryn Mawr/email account. The login and password they gave me aren't working. Which means I can't get to the emails my bosses have sent me or the timesheets! Yeah, I'll be calling the helpdesk (ha, I just typed "helldesk"; hope that's not a sign) today.

As for the second part-time job... Well, there still isn't one. Heh. When I reached the point of having to go into Center City and apply for server jobs again, I said, "Screw this." There are very good reasons I swore I'd never wait tables again. The main one right now is that I flat don't have the energy/stamina/spoons to commute into Center City and do that type of work and travel out to Bryn Mawr to teach there twice per week and do any of my own academic work (not to mention do anything in fandom).

So instead I've been working on expanding this jewelry-making venture. I've been practicing a bunch of new patterns, expanding into earrings and things, and incorporating more beading. I want to get pics of the new stuff posted and get the Etsy shop officially open soon. I really think I can make enough at it that it can be my second job for a while. But the preparations have been eating a huge amount of time.

Oh, and for those to whom I owe stuff -- it's coming! I have three orders ready to go into the mail today. :)

In pet news (come on, you knew it was coming), Pansy has definitely accepted me as "mom" now, and is very sweet when she's not destroying everything in the apartment. Or getting me locked out of Yahoo Messenger!! A couple of days ago she sat on my keyboard, and when I got her to vacate, there was a bunch of junk typed into my Y!M box and a lovely message along the lines of you have been locked out of your account for 24 hours due to too many failed login attempts had popped up. Fabulous. When I haven't been locked out, she's had several IM conversations with [personal profile] eeyore9990 and [personal profile] leela_cat. ::eyeroll::

Anyway. I'm not sure exactly when I'll be caught up on things here, but I have hopes that it'll be soon. Within a week at most? I miss the hell out of you all, and I have massive amounts of fannish stuff to do. I can do this...

A final note: Daily Deviant posting members, be sure to put your wishes in for Kinky Kristmas!
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First, my "fandom has eaten my brain" moment of the week:

I made a run to the pharmacy a couple of days ago and saw that they had a sign up that read, "Flu shots available here." My first instant thought was that they'd spelled "Floo" wrong. ::facepalm::

And now I'm wondering what a Floo shot would be like.

Second, my pets are conspiring to send me into a nervous breakdown.

Cut for those who are completely sick of my pet stories lately )

Totally unimportant post is totally unimportant.
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So that big hurricane? Didn't happen here. As a matter of fact, it was bright and sunny when I woke up this morning. There was some heavy rain for a while last night and some moderate wind, but after a while, everything just stopped. Nothing came. ...Sort of like bad sex. Very... anti-climactic. ::snert::

I feel a bit cheated, actually. ;P

The kitten, though, is a bit like a tiny hurricane in and of herself. A hurricane that eats a lot. Since my f-list has sort of adopted her -- I suppose she's your godcat now -- I figure it's my duty to keep you updated on her progress and show you lots of pictures.

Pansy Picspam Under the Cut )
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Well, all, I don't see the kitten leaving any time soon. In fact, I imagine she's here to stay. I also imagine this comes as a surprise to no one...

In light of my current broke-and-jobedlessness, [personal profile] acatnamedeaster, being the amazing and generous and lovely and all-around awesome person that she is, has decided to try and help out. She's put one of her pieces of art up for auction and intends put the money raised toward filling my new kitty's belly.

I'm a little blushy about this, but holy bovine, can this kitty eat!! Yesterday this eleven-week-old furball put away more food than most full-grown cats! If she doesn't slow down, she'll eat me out of house and home. Or maybe eat the house and home itself if I forget to feed her dinner! But I digress...

The piece of [personal profile] acatnamedeaster's art in question is a Snape one, and one I think many of you have salivated heavily over in the past. It's definitely not worksafe and is unspeakably hot. Go bid on it, snag it for yourself, and help feed teh kitteh in the process!

Thank you, everybody. You've been awesome during my time of floundering lately. ♥

Speaking of kittens and eating, by the way, this one has developed a sneaky trick... )
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I'm working on getting caught up on all of the comments and emails that I owe everyone and diving back into mod stuff. While you're waiting for me to get on top of things, here: have something funny (and cute)!

My roommate got a new kitten a couple of weeks ago. She's a little tortoiseshell; incredibly sweet, but also bold and feisty as all get out, as torties tend to be. Ari, of course, was excited to have a new kitty friend (especially since her kitty BFF moved out :( ) and has mostly won the kitten over at this point.

My roommates were both gone over the weekend, so it was just me and the zoo hanging out here. On Saturday evening, I gave Ari her dinner, then went to the kitchen to put the rest of the dog food away. When I returned to my room, this is what I found:

Pics or it didn't happen )

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