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Well, as usual, it seems I can't just go to a con. I have to go to a con and do things.

So for those of you who'll be there, the Things:

Thing 1: [profile] akatnamedeaster and I are planning Snack and Snupin meet-ups! (Most likely it'll be a Snack hour followed by a Snupin hour, so people can easily attend one, the other, or both.) Anyone who's interested, go join [info]snisti_con and check out the intro post.

Thing 2: [personal profile] ragdoll and I are planning a Daily Deviant party! All Daily Deviant members are invited! But we also anticipate several party-goers who aren't d_d members. The shindig is for "Deviants and Friends," so if you're on our f-lists, you're most likely welcome. ;D Anyone who's interested, go join [info]kinky_misti and check out the (locked) intro post.

Hope to see lots of you there!
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I'd intended to update a couple of times by now, but things have been even busier than usual here this year. Of course, that could be because we have more people than usual here this year. The house has been positively filled with fangirlish squee!

To do the obligatory name drop, at our peak we had [personal profile] venturous (our fabulous host), [profile] someoldcat, [personal profile] craveslash, [personal profile] ducky, [personal profile] elmyraemilie, [personal profile] kelly_chambliss, [personal profile] ragdoll, [personal profile] songquake, [personal profile] tjs_whatnot, [personal profile] thistlerose, [personal profile] twilightsorcery, and Ven's friend and honorary fangirl for the weekend, Carol (plus dogs Ari, Lily, Seneca, and Bailey and our lone kitty, Cyprus).

Now to back up with a slightly longer (although I'm shooting for tl:dr-free) report:

Like last year, [personal profile] ragdoll and I drove down with Ari the Italian Hound of Love. Ari was a very good passenger, for which I was particularly grateful when we got stuck (for two hours!) in horrible triffic that was backed up along I-95 due to a nasty-looking wreck. Needless to say (and why do people make that remark and then say things anyway?), we arrived at Ven's place later than we intended. But, hey, so did pretty much everyone else this time. (Holy Unpredictable Manor indeed!)

Our Friday people all gradually wandered in (except one who ended up not being able to make it, boo), and we kicked off the weekend with generalized squee, jokes and references that only geeks get and a fantastic dinner. I.e. the fundamentals of the annual DC Retreat.

Saturday! [personal profile] twilightsorcery and [personal profile] songquake got up early to take off for Occupy DC, and [personal profile] venturous, [personal profile] tjs_whatnot, [profile] someoldcat, [personal profile] kelly_chambliss, [personal profile] ducky, and I took the doggy troop to the river for a romp. It was lovely out there, and the dogs were Such!Happy!Dogs! Yay!

By the time we got back, the Saturday fen had arrived. The rest of the day/evening involved me failing at taking a nap thanks to a needy Ari, another awesome dinner, and a nice bonfire (although it was way too cold for winter-hating me!). After all that, I ended up staying awake until 3:00 am talking with [profile] someoldcat. (Snack fans go at it all night? ::snerk::)

At some point very early this morning, the first few lines of one of my holiday fest fics came to me, so huge yay for that. Whew.

Today has been lazy. I think most of us are still sitting around in our pajamas, actually. A few have already started to trickle away (whaa!). [personal profile] ragdoll and I will have to leave at some point this evening since I have to teach tomorrow.

Gah, I can't believe another Fall Retreat is already almost over! Every time I'm here, I never want to leave. But it's been amazing as usual -- perhaps even more so due to the especially large group (squee increases exponentially with each added fan, you know), I've had a great time hanging out with friends who I see far too seldom, and I've met a lot of awesome new folks. And Ari's had a blast. So all goals and expectations for the weekend achieved. :)

DC Retreat attendees (especially our warm and welcoming host [personal profile] venturous), you all are epic, epic WIN. See you all again next year (and many of you much sooner, I hope)?? ♥
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Eeeee, [personal profile] ragdoll and I are about an hour away from leaving Philly and heading to DC(ish) for this year's Fall Retreat at [personal profile] venturous's place!

So excited! Really looking forward to seeing [personal profile] venturous, [personal profile] acatnamedeaster, [personal profile] tjs_whatnot, [personal profile] twilightsorcery, [personal profile] kelly_chambliss, and [personal profile] myownmuggle again, and meeting [personal profile] songquake and a few other new fannish folk. Yep, it's gonna be a big one this year! \o/

...Would be even better if the Princess hadn't kept us awake half the night. ::eyeroll::

Anyway, will report from the other side...
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Now that my brain and I are both back in the U.S., I'll see if I can write up more of my DiaCon report. I did manage to post about Thursday, the first day of the con. Now I'll try for Friday... which was a really awesome day, so this might get long, depending upon how much I can remember!

Half cut to save you from excessive scrolling )

Well, I certainly didn't miss the last piece of programming of the day, "Sensual Stories for Deviant Adults", the [community profile] daily_deviant fic reading! \o/ Holy bovine, y'all. The thing went better than I possibly could have hoped or imagined! Everyone did such a fantastic job, and just... ::flail::

I counted about 60 people in attendance -- roughly half the con. We had program sheets with author bios and links and such which I think turned out looking pretty nice. Also, thanks to [personal profile] its_art, we have Daily Deviant buttons for everyone. As a side note, I gotta say, I can't begin to describe how awesome it was seeing most of the con attendees walking around with d_d buttons. So awesome! :DDDDD

So the reading... was amazing! OMG, [personal profile] sabethea, [personal profile] kelly_chambliss, [personal profile] ragdoll, [personal profile] silvernatasha, [personal profile] gatewaygirl, and [personal profile] kabal42 (a last-minute addition, since we weren't sure whether he'd be able to get away from working the con long enough to participate) did an unbelievable job! I read also, by the way, but have no idea how I did. I mean, I was looking at my paper, so if people were checking their watches or yawning, I didn't see it. Heh. And if it was really terrible, someone should probably tell me so that I don't ever do it again...! Honestly, I can't even tell you how thrilled and impressed I am with how everyone did. I think [personal profile] sabethea, [personal profile] kelly_chambliss, [personal profile] silvernatasha, and [personal profile] gatewaygirl were the big stars in the end.

For anyone interested, here's a list of what was read by whom:

[personal profile] sabethea read Getting In On the Christmas Spirit (Severus/Remus with a side of implied Sirius/Buckbeak and a voyeuristic portrait!Walburga -- completely hilarious and wrong, and even more so when performed beautifully by the author)
[personal profile] kelly_chambliss read Reflections in a Golden Frame (The Mirror of Erised and various characters, pairings, and perversions -- even more brilliant read aloud by the author than written)
[personal profile] ragdoll read an excerpt from Different for Girls (Tonks/Fleur with corsetting, cunnilingus, and a last line that cracked everyone up)
[personal profile] r_grayjoy read Everything He Has to Give (Severus/Remus -- one I wrote for the "semen kink" of which I'm still rather fond)
[personal profile] silvernatasha read Count for Me (Percy/Lavender in which Percy gets Lavender's birthday spankings -- humorous and hot in turn, and had the audience alternating between giggling and panting)
[personal profile] gatewaygirl read an excerpt from A Confusion of Will and Desire (Harry/Draco with Draco teasing Harry terribly, which results in frantic bathroom smut -- classic H/D that steamed up the room)
[personal profile] kabal42 read The Red Queen (Ginny/Pansy -- leather, rubber, fetishized* clothing, spanking, and D/s hotness to end the reading with an appropriate helping of kink!)

After all that, I was pretty much done for the day, so I wrote up the Thursday report, stuffed some goody bags, and rested while most everyone else went to see DH2.

Hmm, I think that's quite enough for now. Saturday report in the next post!

*Ahahaha, spell check tried to change "fetishized" into "fertilized"! ::dies::
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I'm relaxing in my room for a few minutes with a cup of tea, so thought I'd start chronicling the con. Not sure how far I'll get in the time that I have, but it'll end with "to be continued" regardless! I already talked about the (rather chaotic and exhausting) trip here and the evening after, so now I'm up to Thursday and the official start of DiaCon... )
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Just a very fast, sleep-deprived note to let everyone know I'm alive and well (I think! I'm a little too fried to know for sure) in Canterbury. ::tiny squee because that's all the energy I can muster; larger squee forthcoming::

Completely exhausted. Still, it was something of a miracle that I made it to Canterbury more or less at the intended time, so I'll take that. [personal profile] ragdoll, [personal profile] twilightsorcery, [personal profile] its_art, [personal profile] little_werewolf, and I all flew into Heathrow from different points of origin, but arranged to arrive at similar times, then meet at the airport bus station and travel by coach to Canterbury together. Well, 3/5 of us had flight delays. My flight arrived an hour late; [personal profile] twilightsorcery's landed even later. Then I discovered that getting from Terminal 5 over to the bus station (which is between Terminals 1 and 3) was far more difficult than it sounded (and than it should have been, honestly!).

Oh, and just to add insult to injury: Apparently I was wearing my Invisibility Cloak on the plane, because the flight attendants somehow missed me entirely when dinner came around and when tea and coffee came around a bit after that. Epic amounts of WTF there. I know I've lost some weight (unfortunately), but I'm pretty sure I don't actually disappear when I turn sideways...

Long, long trip, chaos, chaos, chaos, sleep-deprivation, more long trip, more chaos... But we did make our coach trip (both legs, even!) and arrived in Canterbury without major incident, so really, I have to count it as a success in the end.

The B&B is really cute too. I'm in a single room that's tiny but cozy. I like it. :)

Also, I've been in England for 24 hours and have already seen [personal profile] twilightsorcery, [personal profile] ragdoll, [personal profile] its_art, [personal profile] little_werewolf, [personal profile] gatewaygirl, [personal profile] ravenna_c_tan, [personal profile] leni_jess, [personal profile] kennahijja, [personal profile] lazy_neutrino, [personal profile] scarletladyy, and [personal profile] scarletladyy's fiance, K. Win! This con is going to be epic, I can tell already! \o/

HOMG exhausted.

Very, very confused about what day it is. Since I haven't been to bed yet, this has been the longest Tuesday ever. But when I wake up in the morning, it'll be Thursday. Exceedingly baffling.

Now, however, I'm full of nummy margaritas and about to faceplant on my keyboard. It looks like tomorrow is going to be petty busy. Hope to report in with something a bit more exciting and less delerious tomorrow, but we'll see...

::shuffles off to bed mumbling something about needing braaaaaiiiiiinnnzzzzz::
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Due to the internet fail at the con hotel, I wasn't able to make nightly reports from Aeternitas. So those of you who want con reports, well, you'll just have to settle for a more general wrap-up. It's probably far less dull like this anyway. ;) Er, never mind. I seem to have remembered more than I thought I would...

Disco dancing Death Eaters, a Dementor doing a strip tease, and the Dark Lord jamming to Journey. Yep. I do believe I can safely say I've now seen it all. )

They say they'll run another con in the same location in 2013, although word has it that it'll be a little bit later in the season (and therefore warmer and not overlapping with the end of term). I'll totally be there, and I'll organize meet-ups next time. So who's with me? ;D
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Whew! Have made it to the con hotel. Finally!

The Aeternitas folks had me scheduled for a shuttle from the airport to the con hotel (which is about an hour trip) at 3:30 pm. Well, my flight from Philly was delayed, so I called and told them I'd be late, and might need to be on a later shuttle. As it turns out, I was walking off the plane at 3:35 -- but the shuttle (for which I was scheduled) was full?? Er. Okay. Well, they put me on the next shuttle -- which was 5:40. Yikes.

Since I had plenty of time to kill, I went to the airport's food court and found something to eat. And fortunately, [personal profile] leela_cat's flight arrived then, so I had someone to help pass the time until the shuttle came. Which... was at 6:10 rather than 5:40. ::headdesk:: We finally made it to the con hotel a bit after 7:00, I think.

It was even later before [personal profile] ragdoll made it there, since she'd been delayed due to broken things and family insanity. Once she finally made it in, she, Leela, and I managed to run out in time to get takeout from the Chinese place across the street and drinks and other various things we'd deemed essential from the CVS down the block.

Shortly after we'd got settled back into my and Ragdoll's room, [personal profile] shyfoxling texted to say that she was here -- with a bottle of wine. Well, come on over, then! LOL So she came by, and there was wine, and general exhausted jabbering (or at least I was exhausted and jabbering), and... yeah, random fannishness. (Can you tell I'm running out of steam here??)

Oh, and in the middle of all that, there was some brief chatting with [personal profile] leni_jess (I'm sure I'll see more of her before the weekend is over), and a hello or two to other folks I recognized.

In short... I'd say it ended up being a fairly successful evening, given the multitude of delays (for many people, apparently) and the fact that the con doesn't technically start until tomorrow afternoon!

...And now I believe I'll have a successful night by passing out and sleeping like the dead. (I hope!)
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There've been a ton of posts I've wanted to make in the last week, but lousy sleep habits and work for [info]hp_wankfest have devoured most of my time. I'll see if I can summarize a few random things here...

Most worthy of report is that I met up with [personal profile] pennswoods and [profile] blpurdom yesterday for drinks and munchies. Five years ago, [personal profile] pennswoods was moving out of Philly just as I was moving in, so we managed to completely miss each other. So after all this time, I finally managed to see her in person, which was fantastic. And I got to meet the fabulous [profile] blpurdom at the same time, so double bonus!

Totally random tip for those on my f-list who (a) wear make-up and (b) have green eyes: this eyeliner is pretty darned amazing. I was skeptical, but thought I'd try it, and... yeah, it really does what it claims to do. For me, at any rate.

On the subject of buying stuff...  )

And pet people, please think good, healthy kitty thoughts )

I don't want to end this post on a downer, so what else can I yammer on about?

Oh! I got art from one of my [info]help_japan artists! ::dances:: It is full of win, and I'll make a properly squeeful post and direct you all to the art tomorrow! :D

Urk. And now I need to haul myself off to bed. Early doctor's appointment tomorrow, ick. I'm hoping I can manage to stop on the way home and get the haircut I so desperately need. That would be one more thing off my to-do list!
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I finally made it home this evening, and by then I was rather soggy and tired. The foul weather had things all b0rked, so my bus left NY late and arrived in Philly even more late. When I got in, I said hello to Ari, got out of my wet clothes, unpacked my stuff, ate something hot, and promptly passed out for a couple of hours. Now I'm wide awake again and trying to catch up with the weekend report. Because there is far too much awesome to not report, even if no one cares but me. So there. ;P

So the aforementioned cold? Was so mild that I took one dose of cold medicine before going to sleep on Friday night and... that was it. There was only some lingering disconnected, floaty feeling on Saturday, and all evidence of illness was completely gone on Sunday. Wow. Apparently I developed an immune system sometime in the last couple of years!

In other words, I was feeling good -- though a bit spacey (sorry, all!) -- when I went to the Lunch of Epic Win at Rosa Mexicano. When [personal profile] twilightsorcery and I arrived, everyone else was already there (sorry about that also, all!). "Everyone else" being [personal profile] bethbethbeth, [personal profile] acatnamedeaster, and [personal profile] kelly_chambliss and family. As [personal profile] eeyore9990 put it, that's a whole lot of awesome at one table!!

I'd met [personal profile] bethbethbeth briefly before, but I'd never had an opportunity to really sit down and talk with her, so I was looking forward to that. And I was excited beyond all reason to meet [personal profile] acatnamedeaster and [personal profile] kelly_chambliss. And everyone was just fantastic and brilliant and fun, and the conversation went all over the place, and abjlfqhiofpaf!!! ::flail:: Also, such a gathering would not be complete if we (well, okay, mostly I) didn't scandalize the restaurant staff. But hey, they should mind their own business, right?! ::nod::

Saturday night was mellow. [personal profile] twilightsorcery had work to do, and I had a [profile] snupin_ldws drabble to write. That drabble, by the way, did not want to be written and fought me tooth and nail. I did finally get something written and turned in, though, and hopefully it's not pathetic enough to get me kicked off the island this week. :P

Today I got up after far too little sleep (the drabble's fault!), packed up, and headed out. I met up with one more not-fannish-but-geeky friend for lunch, then trudged through the rain to get to my bus pick-up point. Three hours later I walked into my apartment and was greeted by a very enthusiastic dog. Hee.

In conclusion, huge thanks to everyone who made my weekend amazing. ::hugs all around:: ♥ ♥ ♥

Unrelated, but needs to be mentioned -- thank you, [personal profile] sassy_cissa for the TWO wonderful v-gifts! And thank you for all your support and help. ::loves::
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I'm at [personal profile] venturous's place with [personal profile] ragdoll, [personal profile] twilightsorcery, three dogs, and a cat for the annual DC Slash/Fangirls Retreat Weekend! ::everyone waves hello:: We've been having a grand time talking fandom, talking not-fandom, tinkering with fic/art, hanging with the pets, eating awesome food, and enjoying the fantastic weather. This afternoon Ven and I took the dogs for a romp around (and in...) the river. Ari was in doggie heaven; she is one happy mutt now.

Tomorrow we have two more humans joining us and one more dog. Fun, fun!

Am off to try to slap an ending on KK #2, but had to report in and say hello. :D

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