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Apparently I spoke too soon an hour ago when I said I had a job.

I just got this email from the store owner (the one I interviewed with this morning):

Thank you for speaking with me today.

It turns out that I have two people already scheduled to train this coming week.

I'm sorry but I have to try them out first.

Anything can happen......

Best of luck in your search. I will be in touch at the end of next week if I have available training shifts for the following week.



I have no words that don't break several obscenity laws in every country.

[insert very creative and colorful string of language here]


Note that I'm still taking orders for handmade braclets at a special price for my f-list.


May. 27th, 2011 04:15 pm
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Holy. Shit. The ice cream truck has a new song. After listening to the exact same song several times per day all summer long for the last five years! After getting the damned annoying thing stuck in my head more times than I can count!

::complete and utter shock::

...I think I liked the old one better.

ETA: Nope, I just heard the old song again. ...Oh, god, dueling ice cream trucks!!!


Jan. 10th, 2011 05:04 pm
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So this is happening less than a mile from where I live. The air quality is already lovely...

Yikes. O.O
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I'm sitting in my living room with my laptop, working on a fic. Out my window I can see a fireworks display going off to the south/near the river. There's a nice breeze coming in from outside, along with the Latin-fusion music one of my neighbors is playing. In the distance I can hear the muffled booms of the fireworks and an occasional dog bark or police siren.

It's pretty fantastic.

I'll never understand why some people say that don't like the "noise" in a city.

It sounds like a symphony to me.

Philly's a pretty awesome place. I wish my time here didn't have to be limited and/or my next living place weren't so up in the air.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Saturday night.

ETA: I just took Ari for a walk. We went down a street where some people were apparently having a party. There was a band playing out on the sidewalk. The singer for said band was absolutely atrocious. I mean, really bad. Ari thought so too. I was very glad I couldn't hear that one from my apartment. But the sentiment of this post still stands. ;P

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