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Do your favorite colors ever change?

I don't mean, "I wore blue yesterday, but I'm really feeling like yellow today," or, "This room has been done in green for five years; it's time to redecorate." I mean long-term changes in color preferences.

Myself as an example...

When I was a kid, my favorite color was always red, and it remained a favorite color for years and years. Then, somewhere in my late 20s, orange became one of my absolute favorite colors. Especially burnt orange, but pretty much any shade will do. After that, I gradually went off red. Not that I hated it; it just didn't do as much for me as it used to.

Around the time that I started liking orange, I also started liking brown, which I'd previously hated.

My color preferences were pretty stable for about seven or eight years, but recently they've flipped again. Now I've gone off brown almost entirely. Orange is still a top fave, but I'm also veering back toward red again. Not necessarily bright-in-your-face red, but more deep, rich, warm reds.

On the other hand, black has been my favorite color for 30-ish years and I can't imagine that changing. (Not because it's basic or goes with everything or is "cool" or whatever, but because I'm genuinely attracted to it and find it soothing to look at.) And don't worry, fellow Slytherins; green has long been, and still remains, a top choice! ;) Also, I continue with my lifelong loathing of turquoise (sorry, turquoise lovers).

For years I tended to decorate rooms in combinations of green, burgundy, purple, and black. Now my ideal room would be black with warm, rich colors -- deep reds, burnt orange, and a bit of mustard yellow. I feel more comfortable surrounding myself with those colors now.

SO! Anyone else experience this? Not just getting tired of seeing too much of a color, but your attraction or gut reaction to certain colors changing?

If so, any theories as to why that happens?

And if not, hey, tell me that too! I'm curious how common/uncommon this sort of thing is.

...Well, I did say it was random!

(In other news, I've been doing a boatload of work for [info]daily_deviant -- Kinky Kristmas is on the way again!, cleaning, organizing, and taking care of general crap-that-needs-to-be-done. My journal's been a little quiet, but I'm still here; I haven't gone MIA again!)

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