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I'd been holding off on doing this until I was a bit more caught up, but since I'm running out of time before reveals happen, I thought I'd better start getting some of these up. I'm far from having checked out everything yet, but here are a few that have wowed me so far:


Double-Cross by ???
Snape/Pansy; G
This is just such a damn cool piece. It's not only a snapshot that shows us an exact instant in time; it also tells a pretty detailed story with lots of lead-up "before" and plenty of possibilities for "after". The details in this are amazing. The amount of work the artist put into it is obvious. Beyond all of that, it's a damn sexy scene regardless of the G rating!

Black Coffee and Gingersnap (Sweet) & Special Interrogation (Sour) by ???
Snape/Bill; NC-17 & Snape/Kingsley/Moody; NC-17
This is a two-part gift with the first piece (the sweet) being tasty-hot Snape/Bill pr0n and the second (the sour) being equally tasty but very differently themed Snape/Kingsley/Moody non-con. The post that's liked above, by the way, has separate links to each piece, in case you'd prefer to avoid non-con or Weasleys or something. ;)
Snape/Bill: The first word that comes to mind for this is -- GUH. There's bottom!Snape -- though he looks very much in charge, whereas Bill looks pretty damn near incoherent. The expressions, the placement of the hands, the contrasts between Snape's body and hair and Bill's... fantastic.
Snape/Kingsley/Moody: OMG, nom. Young Severus being roughed up by Aurors? Ohhh, yes. The Aurors' uniforms are cool and sexy as hell, and, well, so are Kingsley and Moody! And Snape is too, if one enjoys tormenting Snape a bit from time to time -- and don't most of us?? Ha!


Bumblethwacker, Broken Nose and the Wizard's Finger by ???
Snape/Aberforth; NC-17; 4,414 words
OMG, this...! ::flail:: The summary: A romance (of sorts) featuring three ales, two lonely men, and one interfering older brother. Which both sums it up perfectly and doesn't even begin to tell you the layers of awesome that are in this piece. First off, Aberforth's voice is perfect from word one, and all of the characterizations are brilliant. It's a great character study of Aberforth, and of Snape through Aberforth, and of Albus through them both. Also, it's funny as hell, especially if one is fond of plays on words and not-so-subtle snarky messages. ;D

A Step in the Right Direction Might Just Land in Peacock Shit by ???
Snape/Lucius; hard R; 3,450 words
Bwahaha! Okay, so. I don't normally go for Snape/Lucius much. But this I totally go for. The relationship isn't treated as something soppy-romantic, there's a ton of great snark, and oh, by the way -- it's just really, really fun. Severus and Lucius have a rather, er, shitty problem on their shoes hands, and the attempts to solve it... well, the cure might just be worse than the disease!

All right. With any luck, there will be more to come tonight or tomorrow. For now... go check out things at [community profile] snapelyholidays, and if you enjoy something, please let the author or artist know! As I'm sure you all have noticed, comments are down a bit this year, and everyone could use a boost. :)
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Stuff's been extra crazy this year, so I've been very tardy in commenting properly on some of my holiday gifties and pointing to them here. On the plus side, though, it does allow me to show them all off in one giant post o' squee. ;D

So! Without further ado or delay, my holiday fest season 2011 haul:

From [community profile] snapelyholidays:

Cornerstone by ???
Snape/Godric; R/adult; ~6,200 words
Okay, right off the bat the author gets huge kudos from me for choosing this pairing. Then they get major applause for pulling it off so well. Snape's reason for entering Godric's time is one that I would never have come up with myself, and the author does a great job of bringing it full circle. The themes fit brilliantly with those found in canon; so much so that this story feels like it could easily slot right into the canon timeline. There's a ton of historical detail and nice descriptive writing to bring the setting to life. And the ending...! Wonderfully ambiguous. Definitely a nice read for a pairing that's entirely too rare.

From [community profile] daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas:

At Practice by ???
Severus/Sirius; NC-17; 1,992 words
Ahaha, the author has represented the entire Severus/Sirius relationship as exactly what it is: One big cock-measuring contest. XD This is Marauder's era Snack, and the boys here are just being such... boys. Ha. Their bitching is so perfect it's like they've rehearsed it. LOL Yet some things go in directions that I'm sure neither of them would have expected... ::smirk::

Complicated by ???
Severus/Remus; NC-17; 1,391 words
Ohhhh, maaaaaaaaan. Yeah, "complicated" is one way to put it! The entire relationship with all of its problems and complexities and need need need and things left unsaid is just perfect. The desperation oozes off the monitor. And did I mention hot? OMG, so effing hot! Oh, HELLO, my bullet-proof kinks! Nice to see you again! ::faints::

Love Thyself by ???
Moody; R NWS ART
I asked for Moody wanking and... bwaha! Boy, did I get it. :P What really grabs me about this piece, though, is the dark, dirty, gritty feel of it. Very, very neat stylistically. Also, the story behind this and the precise moment that's captured are interesting to me, and kind of make me want to fic it. ;)

Goodies not from fests:

Chains by [personal profile] sdk
Severus/Sirius; PG; 545 words
OMG! This ficlet...! I'm simply astounded at how brilliantly Shelly has captured the Severus/Sirius dynamic in so few words. Snape is perfect here -- bitter, self-loathing, and believing nothing good can happen to him... yet having a bit of hope nonetheless. The interaction between him and Sirius is just spot-on as well -- snarking because it's comfortable and familiar, because "normal" expressions of affection would be strange and frightening, especially in their current circumstances. Seriously, if you're even remotely inclined toward this pairing or want to know why I like it... go read this!

Out of Time by [personal profile] celandineb
Severus/Sirius; general; 379 words
Aaaand another one that does so much in so few words! An entire relationship (such as it is...) in under 400 words. Severus' initial reasons for getting involved with Sirius and his denial that it means anything are so perfectly him, as is what comes later. It's a truly tragic, doomed pair here, and it's represented amazingly well here.

Untitled Moody/Snape ficlet by [personal profile] sabethea
Moody/Snape (gen, or possibly pre-slash); PG; 189 words
Scroll down a bit for this one. This is Moody and Snape coming to terms with each other (and themselve) after the war; Moody asking forgiveness (in his own way...) for doubting Snape's loyalties, and Snape giving it (also in his own way) in completely true-to-characters fashion. There's lots said in what's not quite said, and the possibilities for more are lovely!

Eeeeeeehehehe, Snack and Snupin and Snape/Moody and Snape/Godric, YAY!!! Lucky Rowan is lucky!
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I'm slowly but surely getting on top of all of the fic/art comments and recs. :P

Shabby by [personal profile] westernredcedar
Remus/Severus; 2,100 words; NC-17
Another one based on one of my prompts (seriously, how lucky was I with that this year??), and it's really like this fic was written just for me! How the author fit so many of my smut kinks and character kinks into 2,100 words, I'll never know. It's Marauders era, and the boys are just. Such. Boys! Awkward and rash and horny and kind of terrible with feelings and awkward some more. LOL And Severus in particular is just so very... him. This fic is just full of great lines, fab from the first word to the last, and will make you laugh and cringe and drool and go, "aww, boys!" in rapid succession. Snupin fans or young!Snape fans, go read!
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Very last-minute, since reveals are going up sometime tonight! Unfortunately, I was way too swamped to follow the fest as I would have liked, so I'm sure there are tons of great things posted that I haven't read/seen. Still, I have to mention a couple of pieces that made me flail.

Boundary Line by ???
(Godric/Salazar, Severus/Sirius; 2,400 words; NC-17)
Now, I realize I'm biased because this story is based on a prompt that I put in. Still, this author so totally exceeded any expectations I might have had when I heard that the prompt had been picked up. The stage is set and a surreal sense of otherworldliness is established from the opening lines, and the writing continues to be gorgeous, lyrical, and smart throughout. The author sets up some wonderful opposites and parallels while subverting a lot of the expected cliches and standard assumptions. On top of that, the characterizations are fab, there are some great lines, and the sex is scorching hot. So, so worth the read.

It's Not the Great Pumpkin, Sirius Black! by ??? (Ha, yes, very anonymous!)
(Severus/Sirius; NWS art)
Right, so, this was based on another one of my prompts, which was: Character A accidentally summons (naked) Character B during a Samhain ritual. The artist, though, took it in a direction I never would have imagined. A hysterical direction! The expressions... Oh, dear LORD, the expressions!! I dare you to look at this and not laugh. (Might want to put down your drink first, though. ::snorfle::)

Untitled by ???
(Severus/Remus; vaguely NWS art)
Oh, holy hotness this is smokin'!! Seriously, I had to stop gibbering and then clean up the drool before I could comment. And it isn't as though this piece has a high rating; we really can't see anything. But oh, gaah, the poses and positions and implications... This piece is just intense. A world of guh!

To Keep All The Others Out by ???
(James Sirius/Albus Severus; NWS art)
Oh.... Oh. Not typically my pairing, yanno, but this is NICE. The precise moment that the artist has captured is full of tension; simultaneously romantic and eerie, light and dark. James' expression is great, but I think it's Al's posture/pose that says so much to me. Also, did I mention hot?? Yeah it's hot. Gah.

There's lots more great stuff in the fest; do go browse the masterlist.
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Okay, I know I have at least a couple of Tin Man fans on my f-list, so listen up, you guys. ;P

Back in one of the many fandom auctions, I won the writing services of [personal profile] tjs_whatnot. She said she'd write any fandom for which she knew or could get the source material, and I said, "Really? Any fandom?" There might have been some evil glee in there as well.

As it turns out, TJ was familiar with Tin Man, and I sent her the DVDs for additional research, and I told her I wanted either Glitch/Cain or Glitch/Raw, and… well, this fic is the fabulous result!

Somewhere is a Relative Term by [personal profile] tjs_whatnot
Glitch/Raw; 4500 words; R

Summary/Teaser: It is said that all stories have happy endings if you end them in the right place. Some people though, just don’t know when to leave well enough alone. I am one of those people. I imagine you are too.

Set shortly after the end of the miniseries, this is an off-kilter romance involving off-kilter characters who fit together and compliment each other beautifully. If you've never considered this pairing before… you totally should. Raw's a quiet and easily overlooked character, but if you pay attention, you'll see him hovering around and watching out for Glitch throughout much of the miniseries. In TJ's fic, he continues to look out for Glitch -- and they begin to look out for each other -- in a way that becomes increasingly intimate. Did I mention that this fic is loaded with hurt/comfort?? OMG, it's loaded with hurt/comfort! Much yay!

The characterizations here are brilliant. Neither character is painted as perfect; Glitch is prone to moodiness and sarcasm, and Raw is blunt and to-the-point. I think my favorite thing about this fic is how well TJ has their mannerisms and idiosyncrasies down. I can completely see their motions and facial expressions and hear their tones of voice throughout. The chemistry between the two of them is fantastic as well. We really get to see how comfortable they are with each other and how good they are together.

There's a ton of wit in the writing too, of course. Definitely some "I LOLed and scared the dog" lines! And just some incredibly insightful moments. And… oh, yes, it's hot. Oh, man, is it hot. Both for what we see and for what's implied. Maybe even more so for what's implied. Guuuh.

So. Anyway. If you're familiar with/like Tin Man at all? Take a little time to treat yourself to this fic. (And thank you again, TJ, for tackling this pairing for me!!)
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This squee is belated, but I'm behind on everything right now. Do not take the belatedness of the squee to mean the squee is half-hearted, though, because the art is awesome and the squee is colossal!

I am lucky like a mad, lucky thing, because [profile] ships_harry did TWO absolutely brilliant pieces for me!

Neck (Severus/Remus)
Holy good god, this is absurdly hot! Not because of what we can see so much as what we can't see. The image itself is fairly PG-13ish, but they're teenage boys, and things are implied, and you just know there are things happening and that the scene is going to end in stickiness, yes. Also, this totally hits my take charge!Remus kink... along with at least four or five others that I can think of right off the top of my head. ::salivates::

Threat or Promise (Severus/Sirius)
Guuuuuh. ::dies:: Okay, this one is freakin' hot for what's seen, what's unseen, what's implied, and the complete ambiguity of it. What exactly is going on here between them? Oh, man, the possibilities are endless! I have a pretty good idea of what Sirius is doing with his hands, though. ::smirk:: Gah, I can't even count the number of bullet-proof kinks she hit with this one. I want to fic this really, really badly, oh yes I do...

Anyway, go look at them and tell [profile] ships_harry how awesome they are! (The first one might be a touch NWS.)

Lucky [personal profile] r_grayjoy is lucky!! ::flaaaaiiiil::
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I wanted to post about this ages ago, but between Wankfest mod stuff and getting ready for Aeternitas, I never quite found the time. Now that Wankfest is caught up and Aeternitas is over, I'm making the time, 'cause this is definitely worth some squee!

In the [info]help_japan auction, I was a very lucky winner of art from bluejeanius. Said art was finished and delivered a couple of weeks ago (I did say this post was long overdue...), and it's abjluibgkla fantastic!

I gave her the option of either Snape/Sirius or Snape/Remus and tossed some of my general preferences at her. And THIS is what she came up with. ::flaaaiiilllll::

It's Marauders era Snape/Sirius, slightly not worksafe perhaps. Two weeks later and I'm still giggling over it. It sums up some of the dynamics of this pairing at that age pretty damn well. Poor awkward Severus just doesn't quite know what to do with Sirius at times, but fortunately Sirius seems to know exactly what to do with him. ::snicker::

The poses and expressions are fab, and the contrasts between the characters are wonderfully done. All the little details in this piece are fantastic as well. The best part, though, might be considering the various ways this scene could play out from there. LOL

I won't say anything else to spoil it; just GO LOOK! I bet you'll snicker. ;) Tell the artist how awesome she is, eh?
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First, I want to quickly squee and point everyone to the teenage Snape drawing that [personal profile] infiniteviking did for me. I love this because it perfectly captures a couple of things that I've always imagined about Snape. His lips here are just as I always picture them -- thin, pale, and broad. He's a homely dude, no doubt about it. And yet, I get this feeling that if he would ever smile -- really smile -- it would look brilliant on him. Well, anyway... Great, smug Snape, great pose, lovely greens. Yay! ♥

Second, I'm really overdue in squeeing and flailing madly over the fact that not one, but two artists chose to create art based on one of my fics last month at [community profile] daily_deviant! Strangely enough, they both picked the same fic -- Thin Excuses (Severus/Remus), which was a piece of gratuitous smut that I wrote largely to entertain myself. Apparently some other people are entertained by the same things as I am. Who knew? ;D

[personal profile] osmalic created Thin Lines (R/NWS)
[personal profile] ghot created No Excuses (R/NWS)

Both artists did an amazing job of capturing the atmosphere and dynamics I tried to convey in the fic, each in their own ways. I could go on and on about the precise moments each of them detailed out and what's perfect in the poses and body language and so on. But, eh, since it's about my own fic, I imagine it's only of interest to me. So I'll happily just squee and flail some more, because, wow, out of all the totally brilliant stuff on the comm, they picked my fic to illustrate!! Just, abfljahpfa, so much yay!! ♥

Third, I'm really, really overdue in reccing a few things:

Not a Bloody Romance Novel by [personal profile] vanseedee
Ron/Draco; 6,500 words; PG-13
Somehow a tiny, drabble prompt I gave turned into a 6K+ fic. And I'm so glad that it did, because the result is just phenomenal! Oh, dear lord. You all. I laughed so hard my dog thought there was something wrong with me. More wrong than usual, I mean. ;) But on top of the fact that it's hysterical from beginning to end, the story idea is incredibly clever and original, the characterizations are fab, the way Ron and Draco play off each other is fantastic, and the tongue-in-cheek tone is to fie for. If you missed this one... well, you don't know what you're missing!

Bitter on the tongue by [personal profile] woldy
Severus/Remus; 1,300 words; NC-17
This? Is brilliant. Such an insightful look into Snape's head, and so much said about both characters in such a short fic. Snape does something just utterly Snape-like here; something brutal and desperate and completely self-sabotaging. And Remus is sharp, and he plays the situation well. Just... this is an amazing piece, so plausible for the characters involved. A little dark, a little harsh, yet still hopeful. Gah.

And Sometimes Darkness by [profile] undunoops
Snape/Lupin; adult
First, I will tell you that this is a WiP, so those of you who flee in terror from WiPs, well, there you go. Personally, I like the anticipation of following a good WiP, and it's been ages since I last did, so I've really been enjoying this one. It's a post-war AU in which a very damaged Snape is forced by necessity to go live with Lupin. But then it doesn't quite go where you'd expect. As a matter of fact, the plot twists and turns have been all over the place, and it has definitely kept me guessing. Also, the author's writing has been getting sharper with each update, so it's been neat to watch the writing progress. Each segment tends to be around 2K, give or take, and it's not so far along that you'd be helplessly behind. The link above takes you to the first part; use the fic's tag to get them all.
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First of all, I have to link everyone to the fab special giftie I received yesterday:

Filling the Void by [personal profile] psyfic
(Snape/George; ~4,000 words; NC-17)
The way this story is told is just so neat! It's done as a side-by-side telling of the events from each character's POV, and the similarities and differences in their thoughts are so well portrayed. The fic itself is riveting and touching, and the characterizations of both Snape and George are wonderful. And uncertain virgin!Severus with a partner who (eventually) cares about his needs just hits some of my kink buttons so hard. ;D

And two belated recs:

Right Nor Wrong by [personal profile] kelly_chambliss
(Filch, Snape, Snape/Minerva; 11,800 words; adult)
I didn't manage to read this one until right before reveals happened, so this rec is way overdue. The story is told from Filch's POV, and wow, his voice is so incredibly vivid and authentic here. The details about his life and background are wonderful, and through his insights we get to see many subtle aspects of Snape's character and of his relationship with Minerva. A remarkably well crafted piece.

The Turning Point by [personal profile] bethbethbeth
(Severus/Regulus; 4,950 words; adult)
Another one I didn't get to read until late, but I'm so glad I finally got to it. The story deals with roughly 17- to 20-year-old Severus, and the characterization of young Severus is spot-on and incredibly insightful. Regulus is amazing as well; there's something Sirius-like in his demeanor, yet he has moments when he appears very young and uncertain. There's a perfectly painful ending that fits amazingly well with canon -- but also a much happier (and hot!!!) "optional" epilogue. Fabulous fic all around, and one that definitely hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. Go read!

Once again, thanks and congrats to [personal profile] psyfic and [personal profile] chazpure for another great, well-run fest!
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Okay, so I've allllllmost managed to catch up with [community profile] snapelyholidays before reveals! I went through the majority of the fest in one week. I think I'm allowed to pat myself on the back for this one a little bit, right? Anyway, I'm not 100% caught up. I've skipped a couple of fics due to pairings that I'm usually very not fond of, and a couple more due to length. If I didn't get to yours, I'll just have to read them post-reveals, okay?

I'm going to go ahead with a recs post, even though reveals are imminent. If you have a chance to do some reading/viewing at all today, pick one of these and check it out. Feed an author or artist an unexpected comment and make their day, yeah?

The Shadow of Misery's Wings by [personal profile] femmequixotic
(Snape/Viktor; ~4,200 words; NC-17)
Ohhhhh, wow oh wow oh wow. A romance without the slightest hint of schmoop or sop. It's gritty and atmospheric, and it doesn't pull any punches. The complex dynamics between Snape and Viktor and all the little hints about the nature of their association are deftly handled. And the smut... ! You know those fics that are really great but you just sort of skim over the sex scenes because they're kind of by rote? This isn't one of them. Holy good guh. The intensity of this entire piece left me feeling wrung out in the best possible way. Amazing.

Moar Fic Recs )

Exile by [personal profile] unjapanologist
(Snape/Lupin; WS art)
WOW. Just... wow. This wins all the fests. It's an AU story of what could have happened shortly after the first war told through 31(!) panels of art and text. Snape is perfect. Remus is amazing. The range of emotions expressed throughout is incredible. What a ride. I squeed shamelessly all over the poor artist. I simply can't do this justice. If you haven't seen it yet, please go take a look!!

Moar Art Recs )

Man. It was very difficult deciding which pieces to list here. There were others I almost concluded, but I have to draw the line somewhere! Argh! So much fantastic fic and art this year; I'm glad I found the time to (mostly!) catch up. Our fandom is so talented. ♥ ♥
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First off... With so many things happening around here at once, I've neglected to mention:
My gift which posted to [community profile] snapelyholidays some time back:
FIC: Raising Severus by [personal profile] alisanne
(Snape/Harry; ~16,000 words; R/adult)
Wow, as soon as I saw this posted I knew I was in for a treat. Not everyone can boast 16K of Snarry, can they?? The author combines a couple of familiar devices with some innovative interpretations of magic and magical artefacts to create a new way of bringing Snape back -- and bringing him into contact with Harry. A cast that includes a startlingly perceptive Ron and a Harry who's so clueless about his own love life that even Kreacher knows what's up before he does makes for some hilarious moments. Fans of sweetly romantic Snarry should check this one out.

Two more from [community profile] snapelyholidays:

FIC: The Riddle of Severus Snape by [personal profile] eeyore9990
(Snape/Harry; ~9,500 words; NC-17/adult)
Two days after Harry's been promoted to Head Auror, he has quite a problem dumped in his lap. Snape has mysteriously resurfaced, and he has no memory of his life. The answer to the mystery is uniquely brilliant, and the means by which Snape's memories are restored allows him and Harry to get to know each other in unexpected stages. There are hilarious misunderstandings and angsty moments all leading up to a satisfying (and tasty!) conclusion. Well worth the read -- if there's anyone who hasn't yet! LOL

ART: Photographs Framed in Reeds by [personal profile] 7types
(Snape/Harry; PG/WS)
This is art created to accompany one of femmequixotic's fics, L'Ouragan. I haven't read the fic in question (yet!), but I feel as though I can tell so much about the story and its atmosphere from these illustrations. There's a raw, gritty sketchiness about this piece that's very compelling. Something about it seems to be the very essence of post-war Snarry to me.

And one rec that's not a fest piece at all, but made me squee my socks off:

FIC: Curse and Counter by [personal profile] cluegirl
(Snape/Harry; ~19,000 words; NC-17 liek whoa)
Summary: A chance discovery two years after the war leads Severus to realize that he and Harry Potter share far more than he had ever realized. Now if only they can get past the dick-measuring and work out a solution... I left a long, flaily comment on this fic, and I'm not sure I did it justice. I know I can't do it justice in one little paragraph here. I'll just say that the writing is fabulous, and this entire thing is an intense ride from the opening lines. There's kink in this -- oh boy is there kink in this -- but it doesn't read like kink for kink's sake. Every bit of kink is a component in a ritual, an element with a meaning. And that makes it all that much hotter. Characterization crackles from this entire piece, and both Snape and Harry are brilliant throughout. And the ending! Abjluarhgsa!! All I'll say is that it's just a whole universe of YES!
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Once again, [community profile] daily_deviant's Kinky Kristmas has been phenomenal, if I may be permitted to say so myself! And now I absolutely must take a few moments to flail madly over a few particular pieces. This probably goes without saying, but all of these are NC-17/NWS!

First, I have to squee at you all about the amazing things that have been written/drawn for me. Seriously, I am the luckiest participant of all!!

ART: Right Where I Want You by ???
Ohhhhh, Marauder's era Snack at its artistic best! I'd asked for awkward sex of the "partially clothed, frantic, coming-in-pants" variety, and WOW, did I ever get it! Cocky, in charge Sirius with Severus coming completely undone is just... GUH. OH HAI THAR bullet-proof kink!!! Did I mention GUH?

FIC: Polly's Juices by ???
(Ron/Draco; ~3,000 words)
I'd asked for some sort of anonymous sex/in disguise/mistaken identity fic with a twist, and I love where this author went with it! First of all, it's completely hilarious. All of the characters -- Ron and Draco as well as Harry and George as supporting cast are spot-on in character and a total riot. Then the sex is just hot, hot, hot. Frantic, fast, up-against-a-wall sex? Oh, hey, another bullet-proof kink nailed! There are some seriously great lines in here, and the ending is to die for.

FIC: Touch My Skin to Keep Me Whole by ???
(Snape/Moody; ~3,000 words)
Oh. My. God. This fic. I asked for touch, first time, mild sensation play, and semen kink as themes, and for two touch-starved people coming together. And this fic. This. Is everything I wanted from this prompt and more. Both characters are just spot-on perfect, as is the way they interact with and respond to each other. Read this. If you don't think Moody is sexy, this will change your mind. This is one of those fics that will make you lament the fact that you can't write like this. Absolutely amazing.

Huge, huge thank yous to all three of these wonderful, talented people. ♥ ♥ ♥

Okay, and now. I know I said I wasn't going to make specific recs from KK. As a mod, I feel like it's a little weird since I know who the anonymous authors and artist are. But I simply can't help but squee over two recent pieces that weren't created for me but totally could have been.

ART: Break by ???
Oh, man, this is simply gorgeous. Incredible. Both Severus and Remus are absolutely perfect here, and the erotic tension of the moment is palpable. Partially clothed sex with a Snape who's clearly trying and failing to maintain his rigid control? Yes, please, may I have another?? Everything about this scene is fantastically done. GUH.

FIC: Notch by ???
(Severus/Sirius; 2,200 words)
Holy hell. This... abjoluakd, I have no coherent words. I was in love with it from the opening lines, and it only got better from there. This is everything I could ever want from this pairing; the dynamics are perfect in every way, there's so much said about them in so few words, and it's HOT AS SIN. Oh, lookit that! MOAR bullet-proof kinks hit dead-on! Just a whole universe of guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh on this one. ::is dead::

God, it's a good thing I didn't see/read all of these in one day, 'cause I'm positive I wouldn't have survived it. O_O

There will be a second recs post coming very soon -- the Snarry edition, woo!
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Okay, folks. I know you're all up to your eyeballs in holiday fest obligations and other things, but drop all that, give yourself a break, and run over to read this fic:

Fairy Cake Felicity by [personal profile] entrenous88
Ron/Draco; NC-17; 7,650 words
Some time back, I gave entrenous a drabble prompt, and somehow it spawned this full-length fic. And I'm not sorry!! I haven't laughed at a fic this hard in ages. I snorted so loud I woke up the dog. Not even kidding. Ron is so perfectly Ron, and Draco is so utterly Draco, and cameos by Harry and George and Molly and various others had me in stitches.
She wrote this using the "phallophila" theme on [community profile] daily_deviant, and dude, she PWNED that prompt. ::bows to the master:: I can't even describe this fic. Just... go! Read it! Shoo!
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It's extremely hard for me to type anything other than "squee!" and "flail!" right now, but I'll do my best... !

Squee-Making Thing #1:

A while back, I commissioned [personal profile] tripperfunster to do some art for me. I asked for young Severus/Sirius, romantic rather than hate sex-y, and pretty much told her to go wild. The end result is HERE!

I already received the original piece in the mail and squeed loudly at Tripper, but now that she's posted the pic to her LJ, I can tell everyone else to go look and squee as well. :D This piece is just abjoluyarf AMAZING. Both Sirius and Snape are wonderful, and their expressions just say so much about the dynamic between these two as I see it. So much characterization there. I won't say any more to spoil it. Just...

Severus/Sirius by [personal profile] tripperfunster! WS! GO LOOK!

Squee-Making Thing #2:

I've been waiting for a package from [personal profile] acatnamedeaster for ages, and I FINALLY GOT IT! \o/

OMG, so much awesome art! Do you all remember Love Potion #9, the incredibly tasty (very NWS!) Sirius/Severus/Remus piece upon which I based one of my [community profile] daily_deviant fics last month? She sent it to me!! ::runs around in little circles clutching art::

She sent a few other things along with it as well, and it's all just fantastic. As fab as her art is online, it's simply AMAZING up close and personal. And I has it!! :D :D

Am buying frames ASAP...

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