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Apologies for my continued near-absence. All of my time lately, when not spent wrangling toddlers pets, has gone toward making money or trying to make money.

That's involved a couple of trips out to Bryn Mawr to take care of various things. Last Tuesday I went out because it was the first day of the lecture portion of the class for which I'm teaching the labs and the profs wanted to introduce me to the students. Which I was on campus, I dealt with some employment paperwork, got my ID card, and set up my email account. Then I went out again on Thursday to meet with my bosses to discuss preparations for the labs.

The only problem now is that I can't get into my Bryn Mawr/email account. The login and password they gave me aren't working. Which means I can't get to the emails my bosses have sent me or the timesheets! Yeah, I'll be calling the helpdesk (ha, I just typed "helldesk"; hope that's not a sign) today.

As for the second part-time job... Well, there still isn't one. Heh. When I reached the point of having to go into Center City and apply for server jobs again, I said, "Screw this." There are very good reasons I swore I'd never wait tables again. The main one right now is that I flat don't have the energy/stamina/spoons to commute into Center City and do that type of work and travel out to Bryn Mawr to teach there twice per week and do any of my own academic work (not to mention do anything in fandom).

So instead I've been working on expanding this jewelry-making venture. I've been practicing a bunch of new patterns, expanding into earrings and things, and incorporating more beading. I want to get pics of the new stuff posted and get the Etsy shop officially open soon. I really think I can make enough at it that it can be my second job for a while. But the preparations have been eating a huge amount of time.

Oh, and for those to whom I owe stuff -- it's coming! I have three orders ready to go into the mail today. :)

In pet news (come on, you knew it was coming), Pansy has definitely accepted me as "mom" now, and is very sweet when she's not destroying everything in the apartment. Or getting me locked out of Yahoo Messenger!! A couple of days ago she sat on my keyboard, and when I got her to vacate, there was a bunch of junk typed into my Y!M box and a lovely message along the lines of you have been locked out of your account for 24 hours due to too many failed login attempts had popped up. Fabulous. When I haven't been locked out, she's had several IM conversations with [personal profile] eeyore9990 and [personal profile] leela_cat. ::eyeroll::

Anyway. I'm not sure exactly when I'll be caught up on things here, but I have hopes that it'll be soon. Within a week at most? I miss the hell out of you all, and I have massive amounts of fannish stuff to do. I can do this...

A final note: Daily Deviant posting members, be sure to put your wishes in for Kinky Kristmas!
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There've been a ton of posts I've wanted to make in the last week, but lousy sleep habits and work for [info]hp_wankfest have devoured most of my time. I'll see if I can summarize a few random things here...

Most worthy of report is that I met up with [personal profile] pennswoods and [profile] blpurdom yesterday for drinks and munchies. Five years ago, [personal profile] pennswoods was moving out of Philly just as I was moving in, so we managed to completely miss each other. So after all this time, I finally managed to see her in person, which was fantastic. And I got to meet the fabulous [profile] blpurdom at the same time, so double bonus!

Totally random tip for those on my f-list who (a) wear make-up and (b) have green eyes: this eyeliner is pretty darned amazing. I was skeptical, but thought I'd try it, and... yeah, it really does what it claims to do. For me, at any rate.

On the subject of buying stuff...  )

And pet people, please think good, healthy kitty thoughts )

I don't want to end this post on a downer, so what else can I yammer on about?

Oh! I got art from one of my [info]help_japan artists! ::dances:: It is full of win, and I'll make a properly squeeful post and direct you all to the art tomorrow! :D

Urk. And now I need to haul myself off to bed. Early doctor's appointment tomorrow, ick. I'm hoping I can manage to stop on the way home and get the haircut I so desperately need. That would be one more thing off my to-do list!


Mar. 9th, 2011 05:37 pm
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Fair warning: nothin' but self-absorbed bitching and moaning under the cut. )

Right, off to go try to make my brain focus on fic writing.

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