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Okay, I know I have at least a couple of Tin Man fans on my f-list, so listen up, you guys. ;P

Back in one of the many fandom auctions, I won the writing services of [personal profile] tjs_whatnot. She said she'd write any fandom for which she knew or could get the source material, and I said, "Really? Any fandom?" There might have been some evil glee in there as well.

As it turns out, TJ was familiar with Tin Man, and I sent her the DVDs for additional research, and I told her I wanted either Glitch/Cain or Glitch/Raw, and… well, this fic is the fabulous result!

Somewhere is a Relative Term by [personal profile] tjs_whatnot
Glitch/Raw; 4500 words; R

Summary/Teaser: It is said that all stories have happy endings if you end them in the right place. Some people though, just don’t know when to leave well enough alone. I am one of those people. I imagine you are too.

Set shortly after the end of the miniseries, this is an off-kilter romance involving off-kilter characters who fit together and compliment each other beautifully. If you've never considered this pairing before… you totally should. Raw's a quiet and easily overlooked character, but if you pay attention, you'll see him hovering around and watching out for Glitch throughout much of the miniseries. In TJ's fic, he continues to look out for Glitch -- and they begin to look out for each other -- in a way that becomes increasingly intimate. Did I mention that this fic is loaded with hurt/comfort?? OMG, it's loaded with hurt/comfort! Much yay!

The characterizations here are brilliant. Neither character is painted as perfect; Glitch is prone to moodiness and sarcasm, and Raw is blunt and to-the-point. I think my favorite thing about this fic is how well TJ has their mannerisms and idiosyncrasies down. I can completely see their motions and facial expressions and hear their tones of voice throughout. The chemistry between the two of them is fantastic as well. We really get to see how comfortable they are with each other and how good they are together.

There's a ton of wit in the writing too, of course. Definitely some "I LOLed and scared the dog" lines! And just some incredibly insightful moments. And… oh, yes, it's hot. Oh, man, is it hot. Both for what we see and for what's implied. Maybe even more so for what's implied. Guuuh.

So. Anyway. If you're familiar with/like Tin Man at all? Take a little time to treat yourself to this fic. (And thank you again, TJ, for tackling this pairing for me!!)

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